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Apr. 5th, 2012 08:50 pm
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Babies & Toddlers

Female - Male

Female - Male

Female - Male

Female - Male

Female - Male

Face Templates
Single Faces - Face Sets

Maxis Match - Semi & Realistic

Maxis Match - Semi & Realistic

Blush - Eyebrows - Eyeliner - Eyeshadow - Lipstick - Face Masks - Facial Hair - Accessories


Organized Database Folder Archive by Geneticized
Mirror 1 - Mirror 2

Did we miss a default? Link us to it here!

Please reply to this thread (and only this thread) with the following form! You'll help us stay organized and on top of maintenance. Once your contribution has been added it will be deleted from this thread. 

Please only link a couple defaults at a time! Massive lists get overwhelming and can be a tracking nightmare. We'd rather you post 10 times in a row! :D

<b><u>Creator's Name: </u></b>[Insert the name or username of the default creator here]

<b><u>Link to site with default:</u></b> [Insert the link to the creator's default replacement here]

<b><u>Link to outfit at Sims2Defaults:</u></b> [Insert the link to the Maxis outfit being replaced here]

Policy - At no time will we link to, advertise, or support in any way The Sims Resource (TSR). Any submissions linking to TSR will be deleted.
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The following entries have been removed from the Database as their links (either those leading to the original page or the download links themselves) were no longer working. If you recognize any of them and have a backup at hand, please shoot us a link so we can restore them!

Hover over each pic for more info on the creator and/or replacement.

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All of Pixelated-world's defaults have been restored, yay! Big thanks to Charming-plumbob (ex. Pixelated-world) for pointing us to the new address! :)

While we're at it, we'd also like to give a heartfelt thank-you to each and every one of you who've left a comment here on the Database, whether it is to inform us of new defaults, help us with weeding out dead links, or providing new links for old posts! We can't even begin to describe how invaluable your comments are to us in keeping the Database up to date and on top of maintenance, so by all means, please keep it up! :)

Last but not least, special shoutout to the kind anon who made these spiffy new Plantsim icons for the Database:

You rock, anon! :)




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We were alerted that Pixelated-World deleted their Tumblr and that all their links here on the Database were redirecting to shady pages with NSFW content and pop ups. As a result, all entries for Pixelated-World's defaults have been removed from the database and will stay so until/if we can find replacement links. These were the entries in question:

If you have one of these or know where we might find them, please leave us a comment with a link (either on this post or on the Sticky) and we'll have them back up in a jiffy! :)
- Links restored! Thank you, Charming-plumbob! :)

While we were at it, we also cleaned out some other old posts which lead to dead links, courtesy of a kind anon(s?) who pointed them out to us. We'll be copying those entries along with their original links in this post for safekeeping, but they are no longer visible on the relevant pages in the Database so as not to clutter them up. This is what we cleaned up:

Creator: Deadlyfairytale (PlumbBob Keep)

Creator: Ms. Ariadna (Mixei.ru)

(Cleanout for this creator still in progress)

Creator: Thechangeling

Creator: Tangsims

Creator: Nimravidae

Any others we've missed? Let us know in the Sticky! And if you happen to have a working link for any of these files, we'd appreciate it very much if you could send them over to us! :)
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Spring cleaning:

We've had a number of simmers reach out to us over the past months, alerting us to dead links on entries and sharing new links to replace the old ones. We were able to weed out a good amount of borked links thanks to all of your tips and heads-ups, so good work everyone! :) Links for the following creators have been updated: Simlandtreats, Twentyfourfirst, Nrjsims/Nichellerj, Tangsims*.
-All entries with Simlandtreats' defaults have been updated with new links, courtesy of the creator reaching out to us with new links.
-All entries with Twentyfourfirst's and Nrjsims/Nichellerj's defaults have been updated with direct links. The tag 'nrjsims' has been removed and replaced with 'nichellerj', to avoid confusion.
-Some of Tangsims' newer defaults have been updated with direct links. Most older defaults are unfortunately still missing, so if you have them or know where to get them, please let us know!
-Also worth mentioning: Carvernosims changed their url to Tarsona. All entries with Carverno's old url should redirect automatically, so for the time being, we won't be changing those links; all entries added after the url change link directly to the new url. The tag 'carvernosims' is still used for all defaults by this creator, for consistency's sake.

In other News:

Have you seen our new and improved Accessories section? If you haven't, well, you should! :) We whipped out the elbow grease and added all Maxis glasses that were previously missing from the Database, along with all default replacements that were known to us. If you know of an accessory default that isn't listed below, please link it to us at the Sticky post!


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