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Name:Sims 2 Default Database
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Welcome to The Sims 2 Default Database on Dreamwidth!

From the start of 2012, the admin team (Aweeshie, Adia, CuriousB, Zerodark, currantpotpie and Whispers) have been collaborating to create a new default database, since Marja's Sims2-Defaults Livejournal database hasn't been updated in a while. Thanks must go to Marja for her hard work on the original Livejournal database, and for inspiring this updated version.

Work to populate and maintain the database is ongoing. To begin with we concentrated on default-replacement clothing, and we think that we have now included most of the existing defaults. However, we would of course appreciate creators and members letting us know about any new defaults, or anything we may have overlooked!

You can view the defaults via the directory listings, or you can use the community tags to search for various default creators.

We are currently working on including hair defaults, and hope in future to also cover genetics, makeup, objects, etc.

Membership is open to all, but in order to minimize the potential for spam we will be restricting the facility to comment on posts to members only.

We hope you will find this a useful resource, and look forward to seeing the database grow with input from the community!
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