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The broken icon for hatcapup has been replaced. A new entry - hairhatnightcap for male - has been added to the Database, as has Artemida's default for the hair.

The following tags had no entries attached to them and have therefore been removed: aukestrel, diraemythos, neenaneedles, paradox phoebe, pixelsi, roadtime, silv, simkittensims, simplyrandom, sunn, synapticsim, vacuummelon, xbeccyx. If you recognize these creators and know of a default that they have made, let us know in the Sticky post.

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Hey all! It's been posted here that we are actually missing some of the outfits available through various expansions. We'd love to add them! Just take a screenshot of what we need to add, upload it to imgur and link it to me. I'll do all the necessary cropping but we need more specifics than just "Hey! You're missing stuff!"

Stay rad, simmers. ;)
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Hello hello!

Do you love the database and want to contribute? Please respond here or PM us directly.

We need a few people that will be active weekly assisting to update the database!

Looking forward to talking to you!
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All Zundie-Sims links have been manually updated. Wheeee! If you find any broken, please link them at the main post.

Anon pointed out that there was a Base Game version of the ball cap. The base game replacements have been separated on the page above (pic clickable).

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Major Undertaking:

Zundie and TryNitro both renamed their Tumblrs. We have to go in and manually fix every single link. Please don't post that these are dead... we know.

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If you have
any of Nimravidae's defaults we need them all! Please share a link at the main post. Thank you!

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All defaults by TranslucentSims have been deleted as they have deleted their Tumblr.

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We need your help!

The Default Database is a growing and active resource for the Sims 2 community! But its current mods need help keeping it up and running. We all know life gets in the way of running communities and this one is no different…

The Database is looking for 1 to 2 new mods!

Requirements: TIME (2 hours or less a week at current submission rates), Photoshop (and knowledge of some basic tools), ability to communicate with the other mods at GoS, and an attention to detail.

Process: Send me (ZeroDark/ZeroGraphic) an application either via Tumblr PM or via Garden of Shadows PM. Include your screen name (Sims community name if different), why you’d like to be involved in the Default Database project, and any questions you have.


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